The number of events we have either filmed or supplied video content for runs into the thousands. No matter what's required we have the experience to make it count. We shoot on a range of cameras and formats – from 4K cinema quality, to discreet, highly portable ENG-style units. We use the latest aerial drones and have a range of small Go-Pro style cameras. Combined with our extensive range of lighting, sound and grip gear, we're ready to make even the most challenging subject matter look interesting!

Filming facilities


Our editors have decades of experience in cutting a huge variety of films, from features to 30-second commercials. We have three broadcast spec edit suites situated in purpose built, air-conditioned and sound proofed rooms. The edit hardware is housed in a separate machine room, ensuring a quiet and relaxed working environment. If you require it, we have a large library of copyright-free and licensable music of all genres available.

  • EDIT 1

Spacious and comfortable full sound suite with a sofa and remote viewing.Editing facilities at Focal Point image 1

  • EDIT 2

A good size suite, featuring a large work surface.

Editing facilities at Focal Point image 2

  • EDIT 3

A small yet fully equipped suite, ideal for single editor and off-line editing.
Editing facilities at Focal Point image 3


Designed for the demands of video shooting, we have a studio where we film live-action and blue/green screen work. It comes fully equipped and has a large roller door allowing access for large items such as cars. We also have scenery flats and different flooring styles should you wish to create a studio set, as well as a host of accessories – lights, stands, dolly and jibs, boards, reflectors and props.

Green Screen facilities

Voice-overs & Foreign Languages

VO Recording in-house, on location, or at your client’s favourite facility. We work with a wide range of artists to cover all budgets. From well known celebs, to great value talented pros. We also have great relations with a number of foreign language translation, transcription and recording agencies. We often provide alternative versions of our films, both voice and text elements, in many languages simultaneously.

Voice-over facilities


Other space includes an enclosed meeting room where clients can be left to work while overseeing an edit or studio shoot, informal break-out area, and an open-plan office often used as a backdrop for filming!

Focal Point work environment break-out area
Focal Point work environment meeting room
Focal Point work environment open plan
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